Our Expert Team

The value in the business is created through the support of customers like yourselves. Customer service is key in everything that we do which is why we are committed to bringing the service
we provide to you to the next level in 2023. We are working hard to design and develop the most on trend products you will see in the industry this year.
Your account managers are there to answer any questions that you may have.





David Gannon



We have an eye for detail that can’t be
beaten when delivering our exceptional
range of products.






Mark Gannon



We strive for Image Furnishings to be an
inventive, forward-thinking wholesaler that has
special emphasis on creativity and innovation.




Andrew Heasley

Account Manager


We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers’
expectations are met, both in terms of product
quality and the level of service they receive.



Harry Sweeney

Account Manager


We work closely with our clients to
ensure they have the very best service
and continuity of supply